The Privileges of Exploration

Viridis Biopharma is recognized by the Government of India as a research organization. We have conducted numerous studies on efficacy, safety and new indications for several of our associates as well as for our vitamin K2-7, MenaquinGold™.

Research gives us a scientific basis to extend the areas of application for the products we deal with. What’s more, these discoveries can be patented. Viridis has applied for several patents worldwide.

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Patent No.2010/01189

Patent granted for Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Patent No. US 2010/0130618-A1, WO 2009/063485

Patent pending for Chronic Fatigue and Skin Disorders

Patent No. 2329/MUM/2007

Patent pending for solvent free process

Patent No. 246985

Patent granted for "A Novel, Economic And Eco- Friendly Process for Extraction of Menaquinone-7 (Vitamnin K2-7)"

Patent No. PCT/IN2111/00075, WO/2012/059942

Patent pending for "Dynamic Balancing of Autonomic Nervous System"/"Cardiovascular Health"

Patent No. US 2010/0130618 A1

Patent pending for "Systremma (muscle cramps)"

Patent No.WO/2010/103545

Patent pending for Energy Enhancement & VO2max

Patent No. 2011/07450

Patent granted for Energy Enhancement & VO2max