Mineral supplements


SelAct-34™ is a highly pure, 100% organically bound, odor free, biologically active form of selenium. It is available as pure L-Selenomethionine that meets USP specifications, and can also be blended to a concentration of 5000 ppm selenium. SelAct-34™ is a powerful antioxidant. It is known to play a role in immune function and thyroid metabolism, and has a protective effect against cancer.


Ferrazone® is Akzo Nobel’s brand name for sodium iron (III) ethylenediaminetetraacetate (NaFeEDTA). It is also commonly known as sodium feredetate. Ferrazone® is a stable, water-soluble powder that meets JECFA specifications for food fortification and British Pharmacopeia standards for the pharmaceutical segment.

Iron deficiency ranks among the top ten health issues globally, and it is especially prevalent in India. Ferrazone®, as a supplement to food or in pharmaceutical preparations, will do much to combat iron deficiency anemia. Ferrazone® has high bioavailability in phytate-rich diets, no metallic taste, and causes no gastrointestinal difficulties.

Sodium iron EDTA is recommended by the World Health Organization as the preferred iron fortificant for wheat and maize flour. Furthermore, Ferrazone® can be used in drinks fully free of any metallic taste and has been accepted for food use in nearly all countries worldwide.


ASAP Colloidal Silver Solution is a nano-silver particle mineral supplement made with American Biotech Labs’ unique, patented SilverSol™ technology. At 10 parts per million of silver, ASAP is designed to act as a first line of defense to help boost a healthy immune system, and is safe for daily usage. SilverSol™ technology works not by chemical action but through a unique multipronged approach. Because of this, ASAP can achieve results that other silver products cannot match, while remaining completely family-safe and non-toxic at the levels at which it is used.


AlgaeCal® is a unique calcium and mineral complex derived from a South American marine algae called Algas calcareas. AlgaeCal® is a naturally occurring mixture of bone building nutrients, containing calcium, magnesium and several other proven bone supporting ingredients such as boron and silicon. A human osteoblast study comparing AlgaeCal® to calcium carbonate showed 200-400% greater mineralization and proliferation of osteoblasts with AlgaeCal®. It also performed better than calcium carbonate in human bone density and bio-availability studies. AlgaeCal® is thus a safe, effective and natural solution for improving bone mass density and bone health.