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We Contain Multitudes

Viridis BioPharma is a multifaceted company that was incorporated in 2000. Beginning with Ferrazone®, the advanced iron supplement developed by Akzo Nobel, we have made a name for ourselves as marketers of innovative active ingredients in India.

In 2005, we moved into manufacturing, and now make in-licensed products for the Indian market, as well as our own, highly-regarded brand of vitamin K2-7. MenaquinGold™ is manufactured using our proprietary technology, and has achieved great success in the global market.

Viridis is also deeply involved in scientific research and has applied for a number of patents based on this research.

Our headquarters are in Mumbai, India. The acquisition of a controlling stake in Eburon Organics International II, LLC, USA, signals our growing international presence.

Viridis Milestones arrow


Viridis BioPharma incorporated in 2000.


Introduces first active pharma ingredient from Akzo Nobel, Netherlands, for iron deficiency anemia, to the Indian market.


Enters into first license agreement with ADRI Technam, USA, to manufacture silver alginate foam products for use in healing burns and wounds.


Agreement with the Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology to manufacture (through transfer of technology developed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) and sell Hydrogel dressings for burns and injuries.

Establishes factory, licensed by the Industrial Safety & Health Directorate, to manufacture products to heal burns and wounds at Wada, India.

Our subsidiary, Synergia, establishes a factory to manufacture vitamin K2-7, using a proprietary fermentation technology, at Wada.


Files patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), for "Therapeutic uses of vitamin K, its analogues and derivatives in a diverse array of disease conditions."

Synergia facility receives Good Manufacturing Practices certificate from Indian FDA.


Viridis BioPharma facility receives ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certificates from Underwriter Laboratory (UL) - DQS.

Licensing agreement with ABL, USA, to manufacture ASAP silver solution and silver products in gel form with ABL's proprietary technology for the Indian market.


Licensing agreement with QMT, USA, for manufacture and sale of their proprietary NIMBUS® technology for wound management in India.

Files PCT patent application for “Method of use of vitamin K as energy enhancer in diverse disease states."

Receives Kosher certification for its manufactured vitamin K2-7.


Agreement with Aristo Pharmaceuticals for the supply of amorphous hydrogel wound dressings with colloidal silver (using ABL SilverSol technology) under their brand name "Megaheal".

Viridis is recognized as an R&D unit by the Government of India Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

Files PCT patent application for "Dynamic balancing of autonomic nervous system through vitamin MK-7.”

Synergia facility receives certificate from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) - DQS on cGMP per US FDA standards.

Receives Halal certification for MenaquinGold®, our vitamin K2-7 product.


Synergia facility receives HACCP certification from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) – DQS.

Viridis buys controlling stake in Eburon Organics International II, LLC, USA, which manufactures fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry.

Licensing agreement with the Royal Holloway of the University of London (RHUL), UK for manufacture and marketing of the probiotic bacillus strains Bacillus subtilis (HU58™) and Bacillus indicus (HU36™).


Viridis incorporates manufacturing site Riata Organics Pvt. Ltd. This facility specializes in manufacture of speciality veterinary ingredients for small and large animals.

Synergia facility receives ISO 22000 certification from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) - DQS


Synergia facility receives NSF International (USA) certification of GMP requirements for Dietary Supplements as per NSF/ANSI Standard 173, Section 8